Week 8

Digital Models-

Concept One:

This is a development from the concept 5 with the stacked hexagon shapes, inspired by honey comb to that connect together to complete the circuit or then plays sound. In feedback I was asked to consider the form of the hexagons, they are quit simplistic, geometric clunky blocks which don’t really express the notion of something being natural and organic.


Integrating the speaker on the outside


How they would look stacked


They could have a magnetic piece on the side and when connected this completes the circuit and activate the led lights within them


Lego like pieces could fit them together


Hollow inside would allow room for the led circuit and battery to fit inside

Capture32Development:  In order to develop the first model I thought of designing a shell like Mp2 player that you would project sound out of the funnel like shape. It could be made using 123D make, still incorporating the stacked design which together build the form of a shell.

Capture.4PNG Capture Capture3Capture1

Concept Two:

I wanted to develop the idea of using paper but for the whole model and so looked towards origami paper folding for the construction of my design. I could raster the paper to produce a pattern/print and from there i would create the design. I want to develop something that expands or has the notion of growing.

Capture4 Capture5 Capture5c Capture5b Capture5aI looked at incorporating a hard flat top that could then have a switch inbuilt into it.

Development :

In this origami design I like how the form appears to be growing, it isnt symmetrical and the pyramids look additive as if they are continuing to be added to the design. I want to have it sitting on the ground o it represents the idea of nature growing from the earth. It will have a pulley system that will raise a metal ball and complete a circuit that is built inside of the form. The whole cloud will be a ‘speaker’ with the speaker inbuilt inside and has the noise coming out of the whole design body.

photo 2 photo 1photo 5photo 2


model model2 housingHousing for the circuit that would sit inside the paper structure. Along the sides are holes where the lights would slot into and at the base where the battery would sit in.

metalballBall that would act as a condictor to complete the circuit.

suspendedball The ball suspended- the circuit would not be complete.

housingwithballThe ball pulled up and completing the circuit.

pulleyPulley that would hang above the paper form.

handleHandle that would act as the switch design.

Sketch physical models:

photo 2photo 1photo 3


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