Week 11

photo 53D printed Pulley.

photo 43D printed ball to complete circuit.

photo 3 photo 23D printed housing for metal ball in circuit.

photo 4Construction of circuit. The led lights are arranged in parallel with the break in the circuit being before the negative reaches any lights in order to control whether they are on or off with the pulley switch design.

photo 4The housing attached to the other side of the board in order to maintain the balance of the weight of the  battery and the housing.

photo 2photo 1

The vinyl cutting sticker of the leaf pattern for the pulley. photo 3The ball in the housing- I had difficulty with the thickness of the rope and tried to secure create a smoother surface that wouldn’t catch on the wires with tape but then thinned the rope that is in the mechanism of the design and this resolved the thickness issue and enabled the rope to move more freely.

photo 1The metal ball turning the lights on.

photo 5

IMG_7851IMG_7856 IMG_7857 IMG_7859 IMG_7860 IMG_7861 IMG_7864 IMG_7862

My final model is a result of an explorative process in a discovery of how to use digital fabrication tools in order to manipulate materials and create an organic form that reflects the theme of the song Nature. In my mood boards I looked at imagery of nature and initially it was the patterns that exist within nature such as on a sunflower and on a leaf that I found intriguing. I initially struggled with how to represent the song through the MP3 player using tools that normally produce rigid, harsh and hard geometric forms which contrast to the organic soft form I was trying to achieve. My experimentation with paper and fabric on the laser cutter and discovering the light qualities that arose from the experimentation of rasterizing directed the design. I looked into Origami as it is an art form that is associated as being beautiful and organic and a way to incorporate the paper experimentation into my design. In reflection I think I then shifted my focus onto this too much and got absorbed in what shapes I could make with origami- rather than the digital fabrication.  Nature is always growing, it is the creation of life. I wanted the form to express that through the shape. I am happy with the shape that evolved however I would have liked to been able to have the time to develop other forms which would have been able to expand and literally grow, not just a shape that reflects the idea of growing.   I found paper to be difficult to work with in terms of the necessary weight in order to raster and still have enough structural integrity to be folded but to let enough light come in and the time that it takes to raster limited what I was able to do within the couple hours I am allocated to have on the laser cutter each week. However I enjoyed the discovery of manipulating the material and transforming its properties. Using the laser cutter as a scorer and print maker was a shift of thinking for me in the way I perceived digital fabrication tools and what they are able to do or the function that they can provide to me. The scoring enabled crisp and easy and uniform origami folding, especially at a huge scale of large quantities. The representation of the sound output is through the leaf pattern on the main triangular pyramid. This is where the sound would play through with an inbuilt speaker that would be mounted onto the circuit board. Through the digital fabrication process one of the most useful skills I discovered was that Inventor was a easy way to sketch my ideas and get a idea of how it will look three dimensionally and found this useful also to quickly develop different features on the design rather than drawing them each time. As with the last assignment I found that time management was difficult especially when things generally don’t go as expected on the machinery, however as I progressed through this paper I have learnt to take greater consideration into the finer details especially with 3D printing as what I struggled with initially was the concept of scale in comparison from the computer screen to reality and the limitations of what the machine can do and designing with these in mind. However over the paper I think my skills have developed and my understanding in how the tools function have grown in order to now use them with a knowledge of how tools and software work in three dimensional design.


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